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Percentage Meanings for Love Calculator ?

Your final percentage for the names may vary, so the best is to use full names for calculation.

Less than 25 This is the lowest score and you may want to recheck with full names or different names. These names are not compatible with our algorithm
25 to 50 Most of the users get results in this range which is known to be somewhat compatible. The relationship will work for many with just minor hiccups.
50 to 80 The perfect range. You will be compatible and will do great. The relationship will work and you will be able to understand each other as time passes.
80 to 90 Fantastic score. Only few will get this score and people in this range are actually made for each other. You will have no issues understanding each other.
above 90 The God Score. If you receive this score then term yourselves as the lucky choosen couple by the grace of God. Others will envy you. Best of Luck.

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